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Financing Medical Supplies for an Australian Importer

An Australian SME, listed on the ASX, engaged a broker who approached Finport for a tailored trade finance solution.

The Process: Finport engaged with the SME to gather essential credit data to assess the company's creditworthiness. For specifics on the details we typically seek, please visit and navigate to the “download application” under the required section.

In a span of 10 business days following the finance request, Finport promptly provided written confirmation of the agreed terms and details of the financing, namely:

  • A trade facility of $1.0 million

  • A $2 million refinancing package to address outstanding ATO obligations

  • Assurance to the supplier regarding the availability of the funds

  • Verification of the bank details and validation of the transaction

  • Offering a cost-effective approach for transporting the medical equipment from the supplier to Australia using Finport Logistics


With the combination of trade finance and freight solutions from Finport, the client received an efficient and affordable solution. Our collaboration with the borrower enabled us to offer comprehensive funding to cover their ATO debt along with continual trade financing.

Owing to our timely commitment, quick access to credit, and cost-effective shipping solutions, the client was positioned advantageously to procure the medical equipment at a competitive price.

Take Action Now:

Are you seeking a similar solution for your business? Let Finport guide you with our comprehensive financing solutions. Reach out to us today at or 1800 346 767 and let's transform the way your clients do business!

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