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Financing for Medical Equipment Trade from Asia to USA

A New South Wales broker reached out to Finport on behalf of an Australian SME in search of a trade finance solution. Their objective was to facilitate the manufacturing of medical equipment in Asia and ensure its direct shipment to the USA.

Our Approach: To evaluate the SME's creditworthiness, Finport sought detailed credit data. For specifics on the required information, visit and navigate to the “download application” section.

In just 8 business days following the initial request, Finport solidified and documented the financing terms:

  • A trade facility worth $2.5 million.

  • Assurance to the supplier of available funds, followed by an initial deposit.

  • Validation of the supplier's bank details and transaction legitimacy.

  • Structured repayment plan to maximise the client's cashflow.

  • Introduction of a cost-saving transportation solution for shipping the equipment from Asia to the USA, facilitated by Finport Logistics.


With Finport's trade finance, the client received a streamlined and budget-friendly solution. This partnership allowed us to offer an all-encompassing financing solution for the client's future trade needs.

Thanks to our timely response, swift credit provision, and efficient shipping solutions, the client procured the medical equipment at a competitive rate.

Ready to Elevate Your Trade Experience? If you seek trade finance solutions tailored to your needs, partner with Finport. Let's redefine your trade experience. Visit or call 1800 346 767 to embark on a journey of simplified, effective trading.

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