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4 Handed Sponsors Day

The 18ft Skiffs Sponsors Race on Sydney Harbour was a bit unique and an memorable event. The race notably deviated from the norm by adopting the historical Mark Foy handicap system. This approach allowed each boat to start individually based on their assigned handicap, creating a different dynamic compared to the standard group start with in-race handicapping.

The addition of a fourth crew member representing each boat's sponsor added a novel twist to the competition. It was a nod to the importance of sponsorships in sailing while also integrating them into the action in a meaningful way. Finport sailed with John Breene from Breene and Breene Solicitors. Breenes are a corporate law firm in the heart of the Sydney CBD.

The weather conditions played a significant role. The light easterly breeze, not exceeding 10 knots, and the overcast sky provided a challenging yet manageable environment for the sailors. The fact that the first boat to start, off a 10-minute handicap, managed to lead throughout and be the first to cross the finish line is quite an achievement. This outcome highlights the strategic navigation and skillful handling of the skiffs by their crews under the unique conditions of the day.

Overall, this event seemed to beautifully blend tradition with modern competitive sailing, creating an exciting and distinctive race on the Sydney Harbour. Sailors and Sponsors were all equally happy with the smiles on the day.

We all look forward to the last of the Spring 3-buoy Championship this coming Sunday.

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