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Not all loan companies are the same, and we at Finport Finance understand that the pressures that you face as a small or medium-sized business owner can be overwhelming. We know that you want to be able to obtain financing in a timely manner, and you want the process to be easy, too. While banks might turn you away when you make requests, we’re always looking for ways to work with you as a partner and to get you the funding solutions that you need. If you are a mortgage broker, accountant, financial advisor or other party, we would be happy to join with you to become one of the loan companies that offers the most benefits to your customers. Contact us at Finport today by calling 612 8039 1414. We can’t wait to stand by you and assist you with your clients’ needs.

Debtor Finance Solutions: Don’t Wait On Invoice Payments

No one wants to wait to get paid after they’ve provided a service. Unfortunately, that’s often how business works. The good news is that Finport Finance has a solution for you: Debtor finance. Debtor finance solutions allow you to send your unpaid invoices to your client and then your account manager. Then, when approved, you’ll receive 80% of what you’re owed. When your client pays the other 20%, you’ll get the remainder of what you’re owed. All we do is take a small fee, and you’ll never have to worry about capital repayment requirements. We pay all approved invoices within 24 hours, so you can put money back in the bank. Call us today at 612 8039 1414 to speak with an account manager about the options available to you and if your business is a good candidate for debtor financing solutions.

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