A$US$ supported as eyes on Trump/Chinese talks

Currency Brief Good morning all; AUDUSD: News from the weekend suggests the US and China are in behind-door discussions to determine a way for both to come away from these trade war / negotiations as having saved face. This will see the A$ supported and we’ll look to tomorrows US Durable Goods orders and Thursdays US GDP numbers as market movers this week. Focus will however be on next Tuesdays Reserve Bank meet as well as a string of important domestic economic releases that should give us short and medium term direction. On the charts the tech’s suggest we’ll have a push to the red trend line which comes into play at 0.7550 which could prove tough, but once Donald trump and the Chinese say

A$US$ pushes higher as forecast

Currency Brief Good morning all; AUDUSD: The past week has seen my forecast move higher for the local currency come to fruition as political tensions ease, US tariffs are confirmed and on the back of better than expected Australian data. Aussie Retail Sales, GDP and Trade Balance numbers have all improved since last month, thus outweighing the predictably bearish Reserve Bank statement. Holding interest rates at 1.50% for the 20th straight month, a record for them, some economists now forecasting that the central bank may actually be forced to cut interest rates further. I'm not so sure that will happen, although do see this record low being in place for another year at least. The market is

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